• QueenOrangeSoda

    Here are a list of improvements we could make to this wiki:

    1. Write our very first fanfic. Just one fanfic will branch off to more than 5,000 fanfics.
    2. Change the style of this wiki. It's dark and drab. "Jade" or "Smoke" will look better.
    3. Ask others to join. Kind of obvious, since this is a wiki.
    4. Have a contest each month. Later in this entry, I'll give a list of good contests.
    5. Write a secret oath that noboby except the users here will know. I pledge alleigance to the wiki of Total Drama Fanon. And to the admins, for which we stand, one wiki, under Wikia, indivisible, with editing and friendship for all.
    6. Make beautiful logos. Ooh! Ooh! I can do that!
    7. If users are being bad, ban them for three days, or a few weeks, but not a year or infinitely. They will le…
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