Chris:Welcome to TDF (total drama fighting episode 1) and here come our new cast Meet Tommy,Suzy,David,William,Zack,Kelvin,Tina,Flo,Manny,Quinn,Robby,Harriet,O,Kindle,Eric and Benny And our 3 casts from TDI,TDROTI and TDPI Since there's way to many of you so i'm putting some of you in a aftermath So who wants to be in an aftermath and Bridgette and Geoff you once again hosts of the aftermath. Noah:i want to. Lindsay:cmon Taylor! Everyone even the new cast:TYLER ARE YOU THAT BLIND?????!!!!! Tyler:ok i will join the aftermath. Eva:Cmon Katie and Sadie we don't wanna because in TDA and TDWT remember. Katie and Sadie:ok we understand! (Beth,Sierra,Cody,Beardo,B,Dave,Shawn,Ella and Leonard wants to be in the after math even Cameron). Chris:the others will be our interns As for the new cast teams Tommy,David,O,Quinn,Eric,Benny,William and Tina the Crazy Salmon ( tosses a green outline symbol with a teal circle and insane yellow salmon on it) and Kelvin,Robby,Harriet,Suzy,Flo,Kindle,Manny and Zack the Smart Monkeys (tosses an orange symbol outline with a red circle and purple monkey) the tents are near a river and the first challenge is to get the most fish in the river if you dontt have fish and go down a waterfall you lose ready You needed two people on your team to do this. Tommy:who wants to be my fisher catcher? O:i will do it! Kelvin:Robby be my partner? Robby:ok. Chris:if you catch an electric eel you loose. (O catches a catfish,rainbow trout and saw a 1 year pop eyed goldfish and put it in a small glass fishbowl while and Robby catches no fish). Chris:the Insane Salmon won! They'll eat the fish they found in the water as for the Smart Monkeys Chef's paste. Everyone on the Insane Salmon:YAY!!!!! (Eating it). Chris:and this is really a reward challenge. (Everyone laughs). Chris:no seriously it's really is a reward challenge. (At the tent). Harriet:why didn't we get to eat the goldfish? O:its my pet and friend i'm naming it Pop Eyed.

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