Total Drama Phakinakwa is a fan-season created by your's truly, In this Season we revisit Pahkitew island, 10 contestants from Pahkitew Island and 10 contestants from Total Drama Island to battle it out for a grand prize of 2 Million big ones in any currency of their choice, 30 days, 11 Rewards 19 eliminations who will win here on Total Drama Phakinakwa!

Contestants Episode Count Release Date Teams
Alejandro 23/25 N/A supreme deers
Amy 7/25 hazardous bears
Beardo 3/25 hazardous bears
Cody 14/25 hazardous bears
Dave 25/25 supreme deers
Ella 11/25 supreme deers
Eva 1/25 hazardous bears
Harold 16/25 return 24/25 supreme deers
Heather 15/25 supreme deers
Jasmine 17/25 supreme deers
Justin 10/25 hazadous bears
Katie 4/25 supreme deers
Leonard 2/25 hazardous bears
Rodney 9/25 hazardous bears
Trent 18/25 supreme deers
Topher 13/25 hazardous bears
Sadie 5/25 hazardous bears
Samey 25/25 supreme deers
Sierra 6/25 hazardous bears
Sky 22/25 supreme deers

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