Total Drama Monopoly (shortened to TDM) is a upcoming season of Total Drama. The 38 old contestants return, with two new contestants: Corey and Laney. The elimination takes place in the jail, however, it is small for all the contestants to fit in the cage, so all the contestants are split into eight teams. If a person gets eliminated, they get to stay into the cage.


In the jail cage where elimination takes place, they call it a golden luggage ceremony. And the people who get a golden luggage stays on the show for a while before their elimination. But, if they don't get a golden luggage, he/she is out of the game. That means the contestant either was voted off or eliminated, or quit the game, or left the game, or was disqualified.

Elimination OrderEdit

Contestant Gender scope="col" style="bitch


Ranking Episode Merge
Laney Female Orange Grimpoteuthis 40th Place Monopoly Madness Non-Merged
Ezekiel Male Red Sea-Otter 39th Place Home-Schooled
Noah Male Red Sea-Otter 38th Place Schemer
Justin Male Orange Grimpoteuthis 37th Place Eye Candy
Katie Female Orange Grimpoteuthis 36th/35th Place Sweet Jock
Tyler Male Orange Grimpoteuthis 35th/36th Place Sweet Jock
Cody Male Orange Grimpoteuthis 34th Place Geek Power
Beth Female Pink Penguins 33rd Place Wannabe Penguin
Sadie Female Pink Penguins 32nd Place Sweet Girls


  1. Monopoly Madness
  2. Home-Schooled
  3. Schemer
  4. Eye Candy
  5. Sweet Jock
  6. Aftermath I: Madness to Sweet Jock
  7. Geek Power
  8. Wannabe Penguin
  9. ???
  10. ???

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