Total Drama Legendary All-Stars is the eighth season of Total Drama.


Participant Team Status Placing Merge
Alejandro None 1st Quit in Hamsters vs. Vultures - Part 1 29th Place Pre-Teams
Sam Screaming Toxic Hamsters 2nd Voted Out in Hamsters vs. Vultures - Part 2 28th Place Non-Merged
Sierra 3rd Voted Out in Hamster Sewers 27th Place
Mike Killer Mutant Vultures 4th Eliminated in Vulture Kitchen 26th Place
Jo 5th Eliminated in Vulture Season 25th Place
Scott Screaming Toxic Hamsters 6th Voted Out in Go-Kart Circuit 24th Place
Zoey 7th Voted Out in Toxic Snapshot 23rd Place
Lightning Killer Mutant Vultures 8th Eliminated in Mutant Castle 22nd Place
Cameron 9th Eliminated in Mutant Ninjas 21st Place
Ezekiel Screaming Toxic Hamsters 10th Voted Out in Picnic at Hanging Dork 20th Place
Noah 11th Voted Out in Niagara Brawls 19th Place

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