20 of the 38 contestants return for an all new all-star season.


Punch of Shame

  • Chef punches the eliminated contestant all the way to the rebuilt Cosa Da Losers.


Evil EaglesEdit

  • Heather
  • Alejandro
  • Duncan
  • Scott
  • Justin
  • Eva
  • Jo
  • Lightning
  • Courtney
  • Gwen

Good GoatsEdit

  • Mike
  • Zoey
  • Owen
  • LeShawna
  • Beth
  • Cameron
  • Lindsay
  • DJ
  • Brick
  • Dawn


Series No. Season No. Title Original Air Date Production Code Winner Eliminated
118 1 The Drama is Back July 10 2015 701 Good Goats Eva
119 2 Fly High with the Eagles July 17 2015 702 Evil Eagles Beth
120 3 Monsters July 24 2015 703 Good Goats Justin
121 4 Love is a Triangler Thing July 31 2015 704 Good Goats Team Switch(Gwen)
122 5 Cookin Up some Food Augest 1 2015 705 Evil Eagles DJ
123 6 Bicycle Riding is BAD! Augest 8 2015 706 Evil Eagles Cameron
124 7 Fashions no Fashion Augest 15 2015 707 Good Goats Jo
125 8 Camp What-a-What-a-What?! Augest 22 2015 708 Good Goats Lightning
126 9 Lawyers Augest 29 2015 709 Good Goats Courtney
127 10 Fat Fitness September 2 2015 710 Evil Eagles Owen
128 11 Not So Pretty September 9 2015 711 Evil Eagles Lindsay
129 12 I Love the Merge September 16 2015 712 Gwen Dawn
130 13 Jonah Plex September 23 2015 713 Alejandro Heather
131 14 Major-ly Injured September 30 2015 714 Scott Brick
132 15 Goth October 7 2015 715 Scott Gwen
133 16 Arrested Developed October 14 2015 716 Scott Duncan
134 17 Ability October 21 2015 717 Scott Mike
135 18 Small Town Girl October 28 2015 718 Alejandro Zoey
136 19 Semi-Finals November 4 2015 719 Alejandro LeShawna
137 20 The Finale! November 4 2015 720 Scott Alejandro

Elimination TableEdit

Place Contestant Team Status TDUS
20th Eva Eagles

Voted Out

in The Drama is BackEdit
19th Beth Goats

Voted Out

in Fly High with the EaglesEdit
18th Justin Eagles

Voted Out

in MonstersEdit
17th DJ Goats

Voted Out

in Cookin up Some FoodEdit
16th Cameron Goats

Voted Out

in Bicycle Riding is BAD!Edit
15th Jo Eagles

Voted Out

in Fashions no FashionEdit
14th Lightning Eagles

Voted Out

in Camp What-a-What-a-What?!Edit
13th Courtney Eagles

Voted Out

in LawyersEdit
12th Owen Goats

Voted Out

in Fat FitnessEdit
11th Lindsay Goats

Voted Out

in Not So PrettyEdit
10th Dawn Goats

Voted Out

in I Love the MergeEdit
9th Heather Eagles

Voted Out

in Jonah PlexEdit
8th Brick Goats

Voted Out

in Major-ly InjuredEdit
7th Gwen Goats/Eagles

Voted Out

in GothEdit
6th Duncan Eagles

Voted Out

in Arrested DevelopedEdit
5th Mike Goats

Voted Out

in AbilityEdit
4th Zoey Goats

Voted Out

in Small Town GirlEdit
3rd LeShawna Goats

Voted Out

in Semi-FinalsEdit
2nd Alejandro Eagles


in The Finale!Edit
1st Scott Eagles


in The Finale!Edit

Next SeasonEdit

Total Drama: Ultimate ShowdownEdit

Contestants that qualified for TDS that qualified for TDUS:Scott, LeShawna, Zoey, Mike, Heather, Dawn, Lindsay, Jo, DJ and Justin.

Contestants that were not qualified for TDS that qualified for TDUS:Noah, Tyler, Trent, Bridgette and Geoff.


  • Scott Won in Canada, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Africa, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary.
  • Alejandro Won in USA, USA(iTunes), Austrailia, France, New Zealand, Latin America, Brazil, Norway, Serbia ,Israel, Netherland, Portugal and Italy, UK and Phillippines.

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