In this season, 15 contestants are taken back to an old film lot from the second season. It contains only 13 episodes.


  • Killer Actors: B, Dawn, Sam, Scott, and Staci.
  • Screaming Producers: Sierra, Anne Maria, Brick, Mike, and Zoey.
  • Crazy Directors: Alejandro, Jo, Dakota, Cameron, Lightning

Elimination tableEdit

Contestant Episode
Cameron Win Ru Ru Safe Win Win Safe Low Safe Low Safe Safe Safe Winner
Zoey Ru Win Win Win Low Ru Safe Safe Win Safe Low Safe Win Runner-Up
Scott Safe Low Low Ru Ru Low Safe Win Low Safe Win Win Out 1
Jo Win Ru Ru Safe Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win Out 3-1
Mike Ru Win Win Win Safe Ru Win Safe Safe Out 3-2
Alejandro Win Ru Ru Safe Win Win Low Safe Out 4-2
Sierra Ru Win Win Win Safe Ru Safe Out 6-1
Dakota Win Ru Ru Low Win Win Out 5-3
Sam Safe Safe Safe Ru Ru Out 0
Brick Ru Win Win Win Quit 0
Anne Maria Ru Win Win Win Out 4-1
Lightning Win Ru Ru Out 3-2
Dawn Safe Safe Out 2-1
Staci Low Out 3-1
B Out 3-2

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