After the Ridonculous Race, Chris takes the next season of Total Drama to a new island, somewhere in western Canada. Here, twenty-two campers from Total Drama Island to Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race 1 will forge friendships, make enemies, cause drama, and even fall in love as they each scramble to be the one to win one million big ones.


Voice actor Role Episodes worked
Christian Potenza Chris McLean Whole season
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet Whole season
Jeff Geddis Devin Whole season
Kristin Fairlie Carrie Whole season
Bryn McAuley Taylor 25/26 episodes
Scott McCord Brody 24/26 episodes
Bryn McAuley Amy 22/26 episodes
Samey 21/26 episodes
Laurie Elliot Jo 13/26 episodes
Stephanie Anne Mills Kitty 19/26 episodes
Jon Cor Brick 18/26 episodes
Evany Rosen MacArthur 17/26 episodes
Christopher Jacot Topher 16/26 episodes
James Wallis Scott 4/26 episodes
Athena Karkanis Anne Maria 13/26 episodes
Barbara Mamabolo Zoey 12/26 episodes
Carlos Díaz Rock 11/26 episodes
Zachary Bennett Shawn 10/26 episodes
Katie Bergin Jasmine 9/26 episodes
Ian Ronningen Rodney 7/26 episodes
Emilie-Claire Barlow Laurie 6/26 episodes
Tyrone Savage Lightning 5/26 episodes
Bruce Dow Max 4/26 episodes
Daniel DeSanto Dave 2/26 episodes


  • Wailing Muskrats (green): Carrie, Devin, Amy, Rodney, Taylor, Topher, Samey, Rock, Jasmine, Laurie and Dave.
  • Hurdling Hawks (red): Brody, MacArthur, Brick, Lightning, Anne Maria, Kitty, Jo, Zoey, Max, Shawn and Scott.



Contestant Primary team</span> Rank</span> Episode</span>
Dave Wailing Muskrats 22nd Episode 2
Scott Hurdling Hawks Returns in episode 15 Episode 3
Max Hurdling Hawks 21st Episode 4
Lightning Hurdling Hawks 20th Episode 5
Laurie Wailing Muskrats 19th Episode 6
Rodney Wailing Muskrats 18th Episode 7
Jo Hurdling Hawks Returns in episode 15 Episode 8
Jasmine Wailing Muskrats 17th Episode 9
Shawn Hurdling Hawks 16th Episode 10
Rock Wailing Muskrats 15th Episode 11
Zoey Hurdling Hawks 14th Episode 12
Anne Maria Hurdling Hawks 13th Episode 13
Scott Hurdling Hawks 12th Episode 15
Topher Wailing Muskrats 11th Episode 16
MacArthur Hurdling Hawks 10th Episode 17
Brick Hurdling Hawks 9th Episode 18
Kitty Hurdling Hawks 8th Episode 19
Jo Hurdling Hawks 7th Episode 20
Samey Wailing Muskrats 6th Episode 21
Amy Wailing Muskrats 5th Episode 22
Brody Hurdling Hawks 4th Episode 24
Taylor Wailing Muskrats 3rd Episode 25
Wailing Muskrats 1st/2nd Episode 26

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