After Total DramaEdit

As all of the contestants from TDI,TDA,TDWT,TDRI and TDAS move on and start a life.

Total Drama: Moving OnEdit

3 years after All Stars,All 38 contestants have good lifes.Chris however,always wanting to cause pain brings them back for another season.


Gwen:She is now bestfriends with Courtney.Gwen and Duncan got back together and are engaged.Courtney learned to except them,finally.

Duncan:He did not get over Gwen and they gave each other a second chance.They are now engaged and Courtney has excepted them.

Heather:After All-Stars Heather and Alejandro are finally Married and have 3 children,Jonah,Betty and Felicia.

Courtney:She is now best friends with Gwen.Gwen and Duncan are engaged and Courtney learned to except that.

Mike:All of his personalitys are gone,however he still has their abilitys.He got Married to Zoey two weeks before and have on child,Mikey.

Zoey:She is still in love with Mike and they got Married two weeks before.They have one baby boy named Mikey.

Izzy:She became a russian spy and lives in Paris,France.She broke-up with Owen and is friends with Noah who also lives in Paris,France.

Owen:He is DJ's assistent because DJ became a chef.Owen broke-up with Izzy and now does not remember her and mistakes her for Courtney.

Noah:He lives in Paris,France with his wife,Katie.He is still friends with Izzy who also lives in Paris.

LeShawna:She has broken-up with Harold and is dating DJ.She barely knows where Harold is and has not seen him sense there break-up 2 years ago.

Lindsay:She is a model along with Justin.She is married to Tyler and Tyler often gets jealous because she is working with Justin.

Tyler:He is married to Lindsay.He has won the award worlds number one dumbest athlete 15 times.

Alejandro:He is married to Heather and has three children Jonah,Betty and Felicia.

Cody:He is still friends with Gwen,Sierra and Heather.He is dating Dawn who often annoys him.

Sierra:She still has a crush on Cody however they are still just friends.She is also friends with Courtney,Heather and Lindsay

Beth:She and Lindsay got into a fight as soon as Lindsay got back from All-Stars.They have not seen each other sense then.

Ezekiel:He was cured by a doctor saying that he just got rabbies when a strange dog bit him.

Katie:She is BFF's with Sadie still and is married to Noah.

Sadie:She is BFF's with Katie still and is married to Trent.

Blainley:She is a famous singer and dancer.She is married to Justin.

Justin:He is a model along with Lindsay.He is married to Blainley.

Dawn:She is a famous phycic named Dawn,the Great and Terrible.She is married to Cody

Sam:He has gotten the award best gamer hundreds of times.He is married to Dakota.

Dakota:She is a regular Human again and is married to Sam.

Lightning:He is friends with nobody except Staci who cheered him up.

Brick:He is suprisingly dating Jo who keeps bugging him to propose to her.

Cameron:He is friends with Gwen,Mike,Brick,Cody,Sierra,Dawn and Zoey.He is married to Anna Marie.

Jo:She was voted 2nd in best female athlete in the world.Eva beat her.She is dating Brick and is waiting for his proposal.

Staci:She stopped lieing and now says nothing but the truth.She is also friends with Lightning.


Scott:He is dating Courtney who gave him a second chance.He is also friends with Jo,Brick,Gwen and Duncan.

Anna Marie:She is married to Cameron.

Eva:She was voted 1st place in number one athlete in the world.Jo came in 2nd place.

Harold:He would have been in the season stated by Chris but Duncan "accidently" through him in a deep,deep,deep River and was eaten by a shark.

DJ:He hosts a cooking show with Owen as his assistent.He is married to LeShawna

Trent:He is married to Sadie and is not friends with anbody but Lindsay and Tyler.

Bridgette:She is married to Geoff and coaches surfers with Geoff.

Geoff:He is married to Bridgette and is a co-surfer coach

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