This is a fan season of Total Drama, with a total of 26 episodes. The season takes place at what replaces Camp Wawanakwa with an island consisting of a jungle, tropical grasslands, scrublands, swamp, cloud forest, desert, and coastal area surrounded by what replaces a lake into an ocean. There's a total of 24 returning competitors, 12 who are veterans, six who are from Revenge of the Island, and the other six are from Pahkitew Island. The other competitors who are unable to compete (like Gwen, Owen, Duncan, Heather...) would make a guest appearance in almost every episode of the season. In this season, 12 contestants from Total Drama Island returned: Noah, Tyler, Ezekiel, Justin, Harold, Trent, Eva, Katie, Sadie, LeShawna, Bridgette, and Beth. 6 contestants from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island returned: Scott, Brick, B, Staci, Dawn, and Anne Maria. 6 contestants from


  • Male Monkeys: Noah, Tyler, Ezekiel, Justin, Harold, Trent, Scott, Brick, B, Dave, Topher, and Max.
  • Female Flamingoes: Eva, Katie, Sadie, LeShawna, Bridgette, Beth, Staci, Dawn, Anne Maria, Ella, Sky, and Jasmine.


  1. Males vs. Females

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