This season is much similar to Total Drama All-Stars except this time, the season consists of 26 episodes, and 22 existing casts return for the season. The season also takes place back at Camp Wawanakwa.


  • Heroic Bass: Gwen, Trent, Mike, Bridgette, Dawn, Zoey, Dakota, Geoff, B, Izzy, Tyler, Beth
  • Villainous Gophers: Duncan, Courtney, Alejandro, Jo, Scott, Lighting, Blaineley, Owen, Cody, Ezekiel

Elemation tableEdit

24. Blaineley

23. Ezekiel

22. Duncan

21. Courtney

20. B

19. Scott

18. Beth

17. Duncan (second time)

16. Courtney (second time)

15. Alejandro

14. Lighting

13. Tyler

12. Izzy

11. Dakota

10. Geoff

9. Owen

8. Dawn

7. Cody

6. No elemation

5. Mike

4. Zoey

3. Bridgette

2. Gwen

1. Trent (winner)


  1. The Very First Episode, Really!
  2. Truth or Dive
  3. The Grand Finale

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