On Superior Island, Chris announces this week's challenge. "To this week, a survival test indeed. When you hear about the test being over, return to this spot with your entire team. First team to arrive wins. Any questions?" Watery the fish creature raised her paw. "I'm confused. Where exactly is the survival test?" "Watery, you and your team are gonna set your campsite in the dangerous Berry Forest, the forest near Lake Superior. Team Hurricane, you're gonna set your campsite near the dud volcano. Team Explosion, you're going to set your campsite in what used to be a minefield, but is now just a dangerous field full of wild animals." answered Chris. Later, in Berry Forest, Ghost checked for danger while collecting materials with his best friends Cody and Sierra, Watery searched for dinner in Lake Superior with her best friend in fish creature form Cameron, and Ivy searched for useful things with her trusted friends Mike and Zoey, finding 3 Small Berries (A magical type of sky blue colored berry that shrink those who ingested them), 4 Big Berries (A magical type of red colored berry that makes those who ingested them grow huge), 3 Gold Berries (A very special and rare type of berry that is golden colored, shines like gold in the sunlight, has all the important nutrients within even just a small bite, and are very sweet and juicy. Cody loves them for their taste!), 4 Mystery Berries (Strange magical berries that have strange and mysterious effects on those who ingested them) and 5 Perfect Berries (Regular berries that are big, sweet and juicy). Ghost, Cody and Sierra returned with the important material, and Watery and Cameron returned with dinner. Ghost stoked the fire while seaweed covered in seawater and fresh caught trout and salmon was cooking over it. "I'm gonna check to see if it's done." said Watery. "Hmmm....the fish is done, but the seaweed's still needs to be cooked." whispered Watery as she checked. "Well, the fish is done, but the seaweed's still cooking. So just enjoy the trout and salmon! You won't regret how good fresh caught fish tastes." said Watery.

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