Small Berries are a magical type of berry that grow in Berry Forest of Superior Island. Small Berries apparently make the consumer shrink. Small Berries first appeared in the Total Drama Superior All Stars episode Forest of Berries, in which The Blue Tides team member Cody was stuck behind a wall with an opening too small. Cody found a Small Berry, used it to shrink small enough to fit through the tiny opening. They later appeared in the episode Berry Rush along with many other magical berries, as part of an importance to the challenge. Small Berries are small, sky blue colored, and their small size makes them easy to consume. Small Berries are considered the polar opposite of Big Berries. Small Berries apparently seem to regrow on their bushes they sprout quickly. Small Berries are confirmed to be Ghost's favorite kind, because he says, "When you're tiny, it's harder for others to see you." Small Berries are confirmed to have a tart taste. Small Berries are confirmed to be Thunder's least favorite kind, because he believes that you're weaker when you're smaller. Ivy acts different under the effects of this berry, acting very timid, afraid of everything.

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